Certified Practioners

The people listed here have completed a rigorous certification program and are fully qualified to use the TypeFocus programs.
Deborah Allen
Cookeville 38505-0001, TN United States
Phone: .
Email: DKAllen@tntech.edu
Yolanda Atkinson-Feaster
Rock Hill, SC United States
Phone: 803-981-7060
Email: yafeaster@yorktech.edu
Samantha Bates
Cookeville 38505-0001, TN United States
Phone: .
Email: Slovelady@tntech.edu
Shaimaa Behairy
Cairo, Cairo Egypt
Phone: 0101167799
Email: missshimo@hotmail.com
Anna Bennett
Belleville, ON Canada
Phone: 905-720-3111 ext. 5903 or 613-243-3170
Email: jajmbennett@gmail.com
Lisa Bishop
Rock Hill, SC United States
Phone: 803-323-5987
Email: lbishop@yorktech.edu
Cedric Brooks
Detroit, MI United States
Phone: 313-993-1444
Email: cedric.brooks@udmercy.edu
Kennetra Bryant
Fresno, TX United States
Phone: 2819720766
Email: bryantepc@gmail.com
Jamila Butler
Ss, KY United States
Phone: ss
Email: Jamila.Butler@kentuckianaworks.org
Amber Chow
Burnaby, BC Canada
Phone: 604-499-2469
Email: amber@crossroadssurrey.com
Chris Cimino
Rock Hill, SC United States
Phone: 803-327-8052
Email: ccimino@yorktech.edu
Elissa Clemons
Detroit, MI United States
Phone: (313)993-1449
Email: elissa.clemons@udmercy.edu
Josh Cobbs
Sioux city, IA United States
Phone: 1-712 279 5455
Email: Joshua.Cobbs@briarcliff.edu
Russ Coughenour
Cookeville, TN United States
Email: rcoughenour@tntech.edu
Kristy Cunningham
Cookeville, TN United States
Email: kcunningham@tntech.edu
Brenda Dailey
Greenwood, SC United States
Phone: (864) 941-8378
Email: dailey.b@ptc.edu
Amanda Deacon
Ann Arbor, MI United States
Phone: 734-973-3375
Email: adeacon@wccnet.edu
Christy Dodds
North Vancouver, BC Canada
Phone: 1-604-990-7828
Email: cdodds@capilanou.ca
Edith Duvier
Cookeville, TN United States
Phone: .
Email: eduvier@tntech.edu
Jennifer Dyer
Cookeville 38505-0001, TN United States
Phone: .
Email: JLDyer@tntech.edu
Whitney Foust
Cookeville 38505-0001, TN United States
Phone: .
Email: WRFoust@tntech.edu
Melissa Gammon
Orillia, ON Canada
Phone: Office: 705-325-1203 ext. 3013; personal cell: 705
Email: bounder3@hotmail.com
Sara George
Houston, TX United States
Phone: 281-691-4099
Email: sara@progressive-career.com
Alicia Gullidge
Decatur 62522 , IL United States
Phone: 217-420-6664
Email: agullidge@millikin.edu
Lou Anne Hanes
Peterborough, ON Canada
Phone: 705-749-5530 ext 1548
Email: lou_anne.hanes@flemingcollege.ca
Vicki Hannan
Barrie, ON Canada
Phone: 705-728-0897 ext 4010 
Email: mh26@sympatico.ca
Denise Hasen
Kitchener, ON Canada
Phone: (519) 895-2948 Work: 519-576-3033 x6022
Email: dhasen@rogers.com
Angela Hasty
Ss, KY United States
Phone: ss
Email: Angela.Hasty@kentuckianaworks.org
Jennifer Hickman
Ss, KY United States
Phone: ss
Email: Jennifer.Hickman@kentuckianaworks.org
Sonja Higgenbotham
Cookeville, TN United States
Email: shiggenbotham@tntech.edu
Christine Himmelman
Barrie, ON Canada
Phone: 705-735-0182 x 4012
Email: c_himm@hotmail.com
Tania Janero
Ss, KY United States
Phone: ss
Email: Tania.Janero@kentuckianaworks.org
Ovaline Jones
Ss, KY United States
Phone: ss
Email: Ovaline.Jones@kentuckianaworks.org
Deanna Joyce
Pickering, ON Canada
Phone: 905-426-1760 ext 5162
Email: deannamjoyce@gmail.com
Jane Keresztes
Surrey, BC Canada
Phone: 604 817-5737
Email: jane@crossroadssurrey.com
Dana Kermanian
Denison, TX United States
Phone: (903) 415-2536
Email: kermaniand@grayson.edu
Gene LaPouttre
Detroit, MI United States
Phone: 313.993.1448
Email: lapoutgp@udmercy.edu
Carolyn Leeson
Ennismore, ON Canada
Phone: 705-740-2577 x 5214
Email: carolyn.leeson@gmail.com
Nancy Luthe
Denison, TX United States
Phone: (903) 463-8699
Email: luthen@grayson.edu
Lisa Manwell
Rockland, ON Canada
Phone: 613-688-1072 ext 7001 or personal 613-222-7346
Email: lisa_manwell@yahoo.com
Leah Mazzola
Dallas, TX United States
Phone: 469-718-9455
Email: leah@theythinkaloud.org
Diane McCooeye Kapfer
Ottawa, ON Canada
Phone: 613.688.1072 Ext 7017
Email: dmccooeye@hotmail.com
Olivia Mudd
Raleigh NC 27603, NC United States
Phone: (919) 833-3312
Email: omudd@havenhousenc.org
Fawn Nielsen
Ad, BC Canada
Email: fawn.nielsen@opendoorgroup.org
Kristin Nisbet-White
Decatur, IL United States
Phone: 217-420-6664
Email: knisbet@millikin.edu
Nathan Olson
Stewart Valley, SK Canada
Phone: 306-741-1886
Email: olsonlake@sasktel.net
Tara Orchard
Kitchener, ON Canada
Phone: Please use email
Email: tlorchard@gmail.com
Steven Palin
Rock Hill, SC United States
Phone: 803-325-2896
Email: spalin@yorktech.edu
Lacey Rammler
Hamilton Township, ON Canada
Phone: 705-740-2577 x 5220
Email: laceyrammler@gmail.com
Ashley Rattee
Kelowna, BC Canada
Phone: 250-762-3494
Email: ashleyr@ymcaworkbc.ca
May Reimer
Comox, BC Canada
Phone: 250 339-8211 Local 7004
Email: mayreimer@hotmail.com
Charlotte Rhine
Naples, FL United States
Phone: 239-404-9969
Email: charrhine@yahoo.com
Carrie Rubenfeld
Dix Hills, NY United States
Phone: 631-921-1220
Email: carrie@ncouragecoaching.com
Ann Schide
Ooltewah, TN United States
Phone: 423-933-4945
Email: ann4cbe@aol.com
Meike Schieb
Vancouver, BC Canada
Phone: 604-366-7553
Email: meikeschieb@gmail.com
Heather Scott
Kitchener, ON Canada
Phone: 519 576 3033 x 6006
Email: heather_s@rogers.com
Michelle Slywka
Collingwood, ON Canada
Phone: 7058882885
Email: michelleslywka.hr@gmail.com
Jessica Smith
Ss, KY United States
Phone: ss
Email: Jessica.Smith@kentuckianaworks.org
Amanda Smith
Ss, KY United States
Phone: ss
Email: Amanda.Smith@kentuckianaworks.org
Christian Van Buskirk
Victoria, BC Canada
Phone: 250-588-6871
Email: christian@serviceessentials.ca
Marie Walden-Oulahen
Lindsay, ON Canada
Phone: 705-878-9303
Email: marie.walden-oulahen@flemingcollege.ca
Patricia Warfield
Hudson, NC United States
Phone: 828.726.2620
Email: pwarfield@cccti.edu
Krys Waslynchuk
Mount Forest, ON Canada
Phone: 519-787-0051  Ext. 6110
Email: k_wasylnchuk@hotmail.com
Mary Jo White
Barrie, ON Canada
Phone: 705 735-0182 ext 4011
Email: mjwhite53@gmail.com
Chris White
Ads, KY United States
Phone: as
Email: Chris.White@goodwillky.org
Kym Wolfe
London, ON Canada
Phone: 519-645-6340
Email: kym@kymwolfe.com
Dave Wood
Victoria, BC Canada
Phone: 250-477-6179
Email: dave.wood@typefocus.com

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If you are a private practitioner and already MBTI certified/qualified TypeFocus assumes you know how to debrief a TypeFocus Careers client and will allow you to purchase our programs at a discount for use with your own clients (see below).

You will have to provide proof of your certification by faxing us your credentials and in turn, we will create your own TypeFocus website branded to your own name. This site will include an administrative interface that lets you customize the site to your own specifications, track your clients and provides you with descriptive statistics. The set-up fee for this service is $95.

To get started, click here and send us an email telling us a bit about yourself. Note that these emails are NOT hotlinked and you will have to enter the address manually.

Per Capita Private Practitioners Pricing Structure
Based on individual retail price of $34.95
Quantity Full Version of Careers Discount
Up to 30 $17.50 50% discount
31 - 100 $15.75 55% discount
101 - 500 $14.00 60% discount
501 - 1000 $12.25 65% discount
1001 - 2500 $10.50 70% discount
2501 - 5000 $8.75 75% discount
>5000 To be decided Call to discuss

TypeFocus Certification Program
The TypeFocus Certification Program is an online program providing a cost-effective way to upgrade your credentials. TypeFocus Practitioners enjoy the benefits of advanced training and ongoing support in personality type applications. Members can access advanced TypeFocus program features designed to support counselors and coaches in private practice.

The TypeFocus Certification Program consists of several components:
  • Guidebook with assignments
  • MBTI® Manual
  • Live webinars
  • Your own TypeFocus mentor
  • Two client debriefing sessions
  • Final interview with a TypeFocus Master Facilitator
  • Access to a moderated certification forum
The MBTI® Manual has to be borrowed or purchased.

The webinars, mentor to monitor assignments, assistance with debriefing, access to forum and final interview are only available to those participants who want to be certified as a TypeFocus Type Practitioner.

When a person becomes a Certified TypeFocus Practitioner, their contact information will be listed on our website to authenticate their standing. They will also be able to purchase any of our programs at a discount and offer their clients services through a website branded to their name.

The certification process itself will have no set time frame. To achieve certification, a person must:
  • complete all assignments,
  • debrief two clients using the TypeFocus program and
  • demonstrate their mastery of the program content via the final interview.
Mentor assistance, professional forums and live webinars are available as supports but are not requirements.

The fee for certification is $350 and some eligibility requirements exist; you can register at www.typefocus.com/certification beginning in July 15, 2011.

MBTI is a registered trademark of Consulting Psychologists Press Inc.