• "This program should help a lot of people. I wish when I was in high school there had been something like this to help me." Student at San Antonio College
  • "Well, I found that I have definitely chosen the correct career to pursue. I guess the most interesting/surprising thing was how accurate the outcome of this test really was!" Job Seeker at San Bernardino Employment & Training
  • "My personality type is exactly as others have previous described me to be. Also, my career goals match the proposed occupations, which make me feel that I have made the right decision and is very fulfilling." Student at Louisiana State University

TypeFocus will help you find satisfying work.

One of the first things to do when looking for work is to decide what kind of work to look for. This website will help you do that through three career assessments.

You know that everyone is different to some degree or other. Once you discover what makes you unique, you can use that information to select jobs that will honor your strengths.

The payoff is that you will find work that will be a good fit for your personality, interests and values and that means you will be successful where it counts . . . in the long run. As you understand yourself better, you will understand others better as well.
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